Italian Soul Food Since 1999

About Us

Zambri’s started in a tiny location on Yates Street in October of 1999. In the early days, it was a simple operation: Peter was the Chef, Jo took care of the front of house and Calen was in charge of business development.

Twenty-five years later, we have fed Victoria honest and authentic Italian food, earned accolades, and found a new home in the gorgeous Atrium building.  During this time we have also grown more than just physically.  Julia McInnis became our Executive Chef and most recently we have added a new member to our family – Welcome South Fire!

South Fire is an event focused business centred around South American cuisine and cooking with fire. It is spearheaded by husband and wife team, Chef Matias Sallaberry and Zambri’s General Manager Emily Davies.

Joining the forces of Zambri’s with South Fire is a match made in heaven.  Philosophically & passionately, we are aligned.  South Fire by Zambri’s was born to create the best event experience, in-house in Zambri’s famous Sala, or off site, offering a traditional style Argentine barbecue. Both cultures working under the same umbrella, in the same family.

Matias’ insatiable creativity combined with Julia’s perfect execution of the “Zambri’s way” guarantees incredible culinary experiences for years to come…