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Trip to Farm

First in a series of vignettes highlighting Peter’s training leading up to his trip in Tuscany. In conjunction with we believe this Italy trip will be a huge success and the beginning of a great relationship between gastronomy/bike touring/education.

Peter makes Polenta!

Learn how Zambri’s Executive Chef makes Polenta several different ways.

Zambri’s and Frances Win Wine Awards

Zambri’s Sommelier wins 2 out of 4 awards at Taste Victoria – Festival of Food and Wine. “Best Overall Wine Program & Most Diner Friendly Wine Menu”

David makes Suppli

David demonstrate how we make our Suppli ( rice balls with mozzarella inside, yumm!)

Peter and Arash Talk Pizza Dough

Discuss how we proof our Pizza Dough…

Andrea, Louis and Anthony show how we make our House Made Sausage

Andrea, Louis and Anthony demonstrate how Zambri’s makes their house made sausage.

Frances Pairs a Red with Salmon then Peter shows how he prepares the dish

In this edition of our Zambri’s Wine Pairing Sommelier Frances Sidhe Pairs her selection with Peter’s Salmon dish then we see Executive Chef Peter Zambri prepare the dish. Go Frances Go!

Arash makes an Italian Flag Pizza at Zambri’s

Cook Arash Tehrani shows how to prepare a Zambri’s signature dish the Italian Flag Pizza. Available some nights on our Special Menu.

Sous Chef Louis Vacca Makes Sour Dough Bread

Zambri’s makes its own Sour Dough Bread and some of the best comes from Louis Vacca. 40 loves a day!